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    Arnissa was the capital of the former Vegoritidas municipality located on the shores of Lake Vegoritidas and at the foot of Mount Vora. According to the 2001 census, the DD ARNISSA had actual population of 1,550 inhabitants.

    Formerly called Ostrovou, Slavic word meaning island, name remained until 1926 when it took the name Arnissa which is prehistoric and omorrizo with city name Arni Lake Copais.

    During the Macedonian Struggle, many Ostrovites participated in Greek rebel bodies, with the main Macedonian captain Chris Stogiannidou and the Director of the National Center Ostrovou Stavros Hatziharistos. Other Makedonomachoi was Pantelis Theodore, Theodore Fotios and John Koutsalis (macro). In clashes between the Greek and the Turkish army on 3 and 4 November 1912, during the Balkan Wars.

    In 1953, when the waters receded lake, revealed remains of prehistoric necropolis, which is one of the attractions.

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