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    Tsegani or Old and New St. Athanasios

    The villages of Old and New Saint Athanasios is also known as "Tsegani. The year 1918, shortly after the release of our Macedonia was recognized as the community Tsegani, retaining its name until the year 1926. According to sources, the original name of the Meteora region was probably why the steep slopes of Mount Kaimaktsalan or Boras, but after the protests of local renamed to a name Agios Athanasios. This name comes from one of the chapels which were built on top of a hill located south of the village.

    These are two interpretations for the origin of the name Tsegani namely:

    The first interpretation is based on the interpretation of words or check tsekani meant hammer. The inhabitants of the village, now called Old St. Athanasios, were mostly laborers and bricklayers as periplaniotoustan the surrounding villages to find work, the locals called tsekantsi tsegkanti while later and over the years prevailed to the name of the village said Tsegkan Tsegani or more later.

    In the second ernimeia, but it is controversial, the interpretation from the designations given to residents by the Ottomans "gypsies" (in Turkish called cingene or cingane) which related to poor nomads who fled the region to find work. The designation was derogatory and stated their lifestyle, which was cruel and mischievous. Reports say that there are still residents themselves called themselves cinganin ciganie or to avoid taxation by the Turks and the mass kidnapping of children unacceptable.

    In Kaimaktsalan will find traditional inns, hotels, rooms with fireplace, restaurant, bars, activities for the winter holidays, ski schools and a pleasant environment makes the Ski Kaimaktsalan as a winter destination.

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